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Virtual Synergy Inc. is a company that provides remote, trained Virtual Assistants in a variety of fields. Connecting people with our hardworking and dependable Filipino workforce, allowing you to run a more productive and successful enterprise.


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With your goals and difficulties in mind, our mission is to give you, our customer, a results-driven solution that meets your needs.
We accomplish this by assisting clients in selecting the most appropriate services from those we provide to meet and surpass their expectations.
Our specialized services and collaboration with our client to provide pay and incentives that drive our team members motivation are all part of our commitment to delivering and exceeding our clients goals and objectives.



To become the company’s and small business’s first choice and most economical Virtual Assistant service. We are providing a wide range of professional services and well-trained Virtual Assistants to help businesses advance. To develop a program specifically tailored to the company’s goal of increasing productivity and generating additional revenue.


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