Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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Virtual assistants help run a successful business, but what do you need to know when finding, hiring, and working with a real estate virtual assistant?

Whether you’re looking for a general real estate VA as a realtor or looking specifically for a real estate administrative assistant, who can work remotely, this guide will explain it all. Here is everything you need to know before hiring a real estate virtual assistant:

What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

A real estate virtual assistant is your right hand. They work remotely for you and are 100% dedicated to your business!

Hiring a virtual assistant is basically like hiring an assistant in your home country, except the difference is this assistant is “virtual” or “remote.”

A virtual assistant will help you with time-consuming and monotonous things, such as social media posting, admin, data entry, research, diary planning, and assisting you in other things.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Tasks

The list below is not limited, but it’s the typical tasks that a virtual assistant working for a realtor would do.

  1. Managing your Social Media Presence
  2. Verifying and Setting up Appointments with Buyers/Sellers
  3. Responding to Email and Live Chat Inquiries
  4. Creating Emails
  5. Graphic Design (flyers and mailers)
  6. Post, Design, and maintain Listings
  7. Content Creation
  8. Property Research
  9. Follow-up calls (sometimes, not always)

Virtual Real Estate Assistant Job Description

If you’re a busy realtor looking to delegate or outsource many of your tasks to a virtual assistant, please find a sample job description below.

Job Title Examples

  • Busy realtor looking for a virtual assistant.
  • I am looking for a real estate virtual assistant – full-time.
  • Are you experienced with real estate? Apply as a real estate virtual assistant.

Job Summary

I’m looking to hire a full-time virtual real estate assistant who can work remotely and assist me with my business and personal tasks. You will be working primarily on the real estate industry tasks as I have a fast-growing real estate business.

Any former experience in the real estate industry would be advantageous but not essential. The ideal candidate would work in my time zone from 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Manage my social media presence (create and post on LinkedIn, Facebook, and local realtor forums.
  • Respond to live chat queries on my website and reply to email queries using preset templates I’ve created.
  • Design/create basic graphics and images for mailers, as well as to post on social media.
  • Customer follow-ups. Keep leads in the pipeline by ensuring we have regular touchpoints.
  • Manage my appointments and schedule, and reconfirm all appointments we have booked in.
  • Research listings and market trends.

Job Requirements

  • Excellent English speaking skills.
  • Willing to work in my time zone.
  • Ambitious and willing to learn new things.
  • Experience within the real estate industry (not essential, but preferred).
  • Bachelors degree or above.

Virtual Assistant For Realtors: the USA vs. the Philippines

You have two options for hiring a real estate virtual assistant: hiring locally in the USA (or in whichever country you’re based). The other would be hiring a virtual real estate assistant in the Philippines.

Some people have great success hiring locally in the USA; in fact, some excellent American real estate virtual assistants do a fantastic job.

However, we’ll give you our most compelling and unbiased reasons why we suggest you take a look at hiring a Filipino real estate virtual assistant.

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Virtual Real Estate Assistant in the Philippines?

If you do this right, you will immediately save 70% on salary costs while not compromising quality.

The Cost Savings:

Everything in life is relative. If you live in San Diego and earn $30k-$35k per year as a real estate virtual assistant, then you will be struggling because of the sheer cost of living in the area. If you offered this type of salary, the kind of candidates you’d attract locally would likely be of mediocre caliber at best.

The same goes if you paid a USA virtual assistant less than $15.00 per hour, which would work out at $2400/month + benefits. Would you get a good quality employee? Could you even find anyone?

However, if you pay a virtual assistant in the Philippines $9 per hour, you’ll be hiring somebody who is degree educated, intelligent, and fluent in English. You’re getting significant cost savings while hiring an excellent quality virtual assistant simultaneously.

English Is An Official Language In the Philippines

Brief history. From 1898-to 1946, The Philippines was a colony of the USA. The Americans introduced English as the national language during this period, alongside “Tagalog.”

All degrees are in English, all road signs are in English, the Philippines constitution is in English, and even the Cinema plays movies in English.

What does this mean for you as a realtor?

It means you’re hiring an excellent quality English-speaking virtual assistant while simultaneously saving a lot of money due to the differences in living costs in the Philippines vs. the USA.

You can get more information on why businesses hire virtual assistants in the Philippines in the step-by-step guide we put together. It’s not real estate specific, but it will give you invaluable insight into why outsourcing to the Philippines makes sense.

Highly Educated Virtual Assistants

The Philippines consists of a young and educated workforce. You’ll find virtually every virtual real estate assistant from the Philippines will have at least a bachelor’s degree.

If you’d like us to help you get the best real estate virtual assistant, schedule a day and time for us to talk. Give us a call at (307) 206-0094 or visit our website

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