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How Virtual Assistants Can Help Veterinarians

Did you know that there are around 120,000 veterinarians practicing in the U.S.? This huge number demonstrates the demand and importance of their services. In order to keep up with the large number of patients, they must maintain good focus. Besides tending to their furry patients, they face additional challenges every day, including administrative work. As much as veterinarians may love their job, the amount of work required can take a huge toll on their well-being. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem: Virtual Assistants. In today’s blog, we will be covering how a virtual assistant can help veterinarians and their practice.

What is a Virtual Veterinarian Assistant?

Thanks to the advances in communication systems and technology, virtual assistants can connect to an office located anywhere in the world. Virtual veterinarian assistants focus on assisting vets fulfill their operational tasks. From booking appointments to answering phone calls, they take care of the essential daily duties so that veterinarians can focus their efforts on more important things, such as ensuring the health of their patients. Below we’ll go over the benefits of working with a virtual veterinary assistant:

Task Delegation

Animal doctors, like regular human doctors, work around 50 – 60 hours per week. This can leave them feeling exhausted and stressed. However, the presence of a virtual assistant will make their lives a lot easier as it allows them to delegate important tasks to them. Not only does this allow veterinarians to focus their attention on more critical tasks, but it also reduces their fatigue and stress levels.

Virtual Veterinarian Assistant answering phone call and doing admin work on laptop

Around-the-Clock Hours

When it comes to virtual assistants, you’ll get to enjoy the extraordinary benefit of selecting the exact hours you need—including irregular hours such as nighttime hours. Virtual assistants don’t have to work regular 9 – 5 shifts; you can choose the exact hours and times that fit your veterinary’s needs. Unlike onsite employees that typically require 8-hour shifts, virtual assistants are available to you the hours you need them to—even a couple of hours a day (or night) is an option. If you think about it, you can accomplish a lot of things in four hours and for a lot less than hiring a full-time staff member. They can even cover evening/night shifts to take emergency calls and catch up on admin work.

Wages Savings

One of the most attractive benefits of working with a virtual veterinary assistant is that it saves you money. The cost of hiring a virtual assistant is significantly less than that of hiring a permanent onsite staff member. Recruiting, hiring, and training new employees can be lengthy and expensive. Virtual veterinary assistants have the knowledge and skills to get the job done perfectly—at a lower price.

Get Started with Virtual Synergy

At Virtual Synergy, we believe veterinarians should focus their time and effort on their patients rather than the heavy paperwork and backend tasks. That’s why we have a team of virtual veterinary assistants to assist with vital tasks, such as completing and filing paperwork. Not only does this allow the veterinarians to concentrate their attention on more critical veterinary tasks, but it also reduces stress levels and fatigue. Instead of accomplishing those important (but time-consuming) veterinary paperwork tasks, let Virtual Synergy Inc help you get the most valuable asset in business: more time to focus on what matters most. Give us a call at (307) 206-0094, or click here to get started!

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