Join Our Referral Program and Help Us to Help More Businesses Grow!

VSI Referral Program

At Virtual Synergy Inc. (VSI), our clients are our greatest asset, and there’s no better advocate for our team than you! We’re excited to announce our new referral program that empowers you to contribute to business growth. By referring other businesses to our company, you play a crucial role in building our community and enhancing our collective success. Join us in shaping the future of building a successful team for businesses. 

How You Can Earn
It’s simple!

  • Earn a $30 bonus for every part-time employee you refer.

  • Earn a $60 bonus for every full-time employee you refer.

  • What’s even better? This isn’t just a one-time reward; you will continue to receive this reward as long as your referral uses VSI.


Only our exclusive referral partners can participate in this referral program. Please ensure your enter  your referral’s information in the form below to ensure we recognize your valuable contribution. Let’s grow together!

Benefits of Participating

  • Continuous Rewards: Earn a bonus for each Virtual Assistant hired by a company as long as the Virtual Assistant  continues to work.

  • Support Business Growth: Your referrals contribute to a network of like-minded professionals committed to supporting and expanding businesses.

Start referring today to enhance our community’s growth and productivity!

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