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For the Gen Z and millennial target markets and everything else, speed is everything. The human urge for speed in all areas became a fundamental human right as they grew up in an age of the internet and an ever-connected globe.

They have the entire world at their fingertips, thanks to internet-connected smart devices. All questions are swiftly answered. They are placing orders in a matter of seconds. People spend more than three hours every day on their phones, and thanks to chatbots and virtual assistants, no one must wait in line for basic customer service requests.

A quick overview of the history of virtual assistants

Before discussing virtual assistants, we should remember the 1940s secretaries who used typewriters to execute numerous chores. Telephones and fax machines expanded the secretarial and customer service jobs by bridging time and distance. The term “virtual assistance” emerged in the late 1990s and was further transformed by widespread Internet adoption. With the advent of the internet, virtual assistants became more of an administrative and customer service support role from home.

Artificial intelligence (AI) arrived in the 2010s and soon disrupted practically every industry. Chatbots, which quickly became a hit for various reasons, resulted from this disruption in the virtual support space. For starters, their conversational interface was embedded into most popular messaging apps like WeChat, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram, so there was no learning curve. Talks with these bots were almost identical to conversations with personal contacts.

Chatbots used machine learning to answer frequently requested queries conversationally quickly. As the technology evolved, it assisted with onboarding new customers and product discovery for online shopping.

As evidenced in Malta-based VAIOT, virtual assistant help has recently upped the ante by incorporating blockchain technology. VAIOT uses a natural user interface to mix artificial intelligence and blockchain to provide new ways of digitally accessing services and safely concluding legal transactions. It offers AI-based services for the insurance industry as a personal assistant.

It recently incorporated intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) that use IBM Watson on IBM Cloud. It helps insurance and InsurTech companies establish smart sales and service channels. VAIOT also provides a new approach for customers to obtain services, empowering businesses to adapt to modern customers.

Parallel to the rise of chatbots, voice-controlled virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa gained popularity and adoption. Unlike VAIOT, these smart assistants are primarily for home use.

Virtual assistants must be included in the technological shift.

It is not for nothing that enterprises of all sizes have adopted virtual assistant technology. For the following reasons, they are increasingly becoming a commercial standard:

  • The user interfaces are easy to use, making fundamental customer interactions and transactions a snap.

  • It is cost-effective to provide an enhanced customer experience because it saves clients time waiting to speak with an agent and frees up time for active personnel to focus on more sensitive inquiries that demand more attention.

  • For what it is, the technology is relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

In the post-pandemic environment, as entrepreneurs figure out new and imaginative ways to undergo company-wide technological revolutions, it’s a good idea to think about implementing virtual support into the customer experience to stay ahead of the technology curve. It would also make the organization more approachable for the target consumer and establish relevance in a digital environment.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can assist you in managing your responsibilities so that you can concentrate on more important tasks. About example, in addition to making a presentation for your products or services, you may need to prepare for a meeting in another location and make travel arrangements. While you concentrate on your presentation, leave tasks like booking hotel rooms, flights, and car rentals to your Virtual Assistant. You’ll be able to delegate a lot of responsibilities to your helper while you focus on other things.

Offerings of High-Quality Services

Did we mention that having access to Virtual Assistants gives you access to a wide range of high-quality service options? You can benefit from their abilities in a variety of sectors. Forget about geographical limitations because Virtual Assistants are available in all time zones across the world. You’ll have access to some of the top talent at reasonable rates because of this.

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